List Building 101 – Land Leads For Better Business.

This guide contains everything you need to know about email list building and why it is important if you are to achieve success online.

list building 101
list building 101
February 8, 2021
by Jason B

Email List Building 101
Land Leads For Better Business

This guide contains everything you need to know about email list building.   List building is hugely important if you are going to be successful with online marketing. Maybe that sounds odd. Why send email when you have a website and are "doing things online?".  

But, Trust me, it's true.  And you'll discover why as you read on!

If you are looking for current, up-to-date information and all the tips and tricks for making email marketing easier, then you came to the right place! 

What Is List Building And Why Do I Need it?

The answer is simple. If you plan to grow your business, you need to gain subscribers, or as we know them "our leads". This term means they are leads to people who may be interested in buying your products and services. 

Subscriber lists are usually made of people who have purchased from you before.  Or they are "prospects", those that may be interested in buying the products and services you have to sell. 

The most common method for building your leads is via your website.  You'll know the method I'm talking about.  It's anywhere on a website where you provide your email address in exchange for something in return.  This might be an ebook, a guide, a free sample or to enter a competition.

There are many ways of collecting emails for your list building but the main point for all of them is that you need to offer and encourage readers to sign up by offering a real benefit. 

For example, you might plan to offer a free bonus report for subscribers who sign up to your list.  So you need to let them know. You need to explain how your free bonus will help them succeed or achieve a goal. We’ll talk more about this in greater detail later in the guide. One site I use is Envato.  With their elements (images, graphics, WordPress themes and plugins, html, 3d, video etc) and PlaceIt (for mock ups, social media) - they both are low cost annual charges and unlimited downloads.  Incredible value.

So let's begin.  The purpose of this guide is to help you to create powerful and effective mailing strategies that build your subscriber lists. By encouraging people to take advantage of all the benefits you offer through your website you build your subscriber list.  And this helps hugely to build the foundations for a successful online business.

Simple Ways To Build Your List.

To build big business you need to start with the small opportunities that lead to success. 

The creation of your email list is one of these opportunities that help you achieve  greater success.

In this section we talk about some simple tools you can use to build your list. Let’s look at each method individually.

Subscriber Leads - List Building 101

The first method we use to build our list is by collecting subscriber leads. This is a great way to expand your business because after you set up the method, you continually gather leads automatically.

This method gains leads through the placement of forms throughout your website.  This may be a contact form, it may be your RSS feed, or any other method where people make a decision to subscribe and receive regular news and information from you and your website.  

Subscriber lead collection forms are any forms you have on your website that ask people to subscribe to.  When they enter and submit their email address they are aware they have joined a subscription.

The form below is an example of a subscriber lead form.  It collects emails by offering a free membership giving 10% reduction on any products or services they purchase from our website.

(note: this is actually a real deal on our site - so feel free to sign up and join the membership or at least press the button and see how the lead subscription process occurs)

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Opt In Leads - List Building 101

Like subscriber leads, opt-in leads are another great tool for email list building. 

Opt-in leads are the leads you get when you invite someone to enter their information into your database. It is important to remember that you must ensure your leads are aware they are granting you permission to contact them in the future.

For example, when you create your website, you can set it up so visitors are able to sign up to your newsletter.  By signing up, visitors are “opting in” to your list and they are aware they will receive additional emails and information from you.. 

Setting your site up this way allows you to build your email list on auto pilot.  The forms are already set up and embedded in your site.  So whatever time of the day or night it is, your visitors can take action and you grow your list!

Remember make sure you offer encouragement for people to sign up.  Do this by describing all the benefits your site offers to those who choose to subscribe.

The opt-in from below, again a real life example, asks visitors to sign up to the Newsletter.  The benefit is receiving all the latest news, deals and discounts directly to your inbox.  Plus every month all leads who are subscribed are automatically entered for our "Online Solutions Giveaway" (get yourself copies of the latest software, memberships, digital products ).  

Real incentive to sign up, and stay signed up!

Sign Up To Our Newsletter.
Get Updates, News and Deals Direct To Your Inbox.  Plus Every Month You Are Entered For Our Online Solutions Giveaway!

Survey Leads - List Building 101

Another way to gather automatic subscriber leads is by conducting surveys, quizzes or giveaways on your website. 

This is a simple way to increase the number of subscribers to your list. 

They can also be added in many different areas, such as placing surveys after your customer purchases and checks out. 

How do you get someone to fill out a survey? 

It is not as hard as you think.  Most people, if they see the benefit of the questions being asked will fill out surveys. For those that don’t you can employ other tactics to encourage them. 

Like our opt-in forms, tell your customers what benefits they will receive from filling out your survey. Don’t assume your customer knows the benefits. You have to tell them. 

Perhaps they gain access to your website membership, or a selection of free articles or PLR product.  

A very popular method is to offer entries to win a free gift. Giveaways are a great way to encourage people to sign up for just about anything. 

It’s amazing how people will give up a little of their time, and email address, for something that helps them and provides a solution to a problem, or of course, offers them a free gift.  We talk about gifts in more detail later in this guide. 

The way to get people to sign up to your list is to make sure you offer them an irresistible reason. 

These are the same steps that the "Super Affiliates" and other successful marketers use to produce new leads. 

Below Is A Live Example Of Our Monthly Giveaways.  Feel free To Enter!  We use King Sumo for our competitions and giveaways.  It's an excellent platform and is a fraction of the cost compared to many others.  

If you are interested in running these competitions you can get your own access to King Sumo at a great discounted rate here.

In the next post we move on to Step 2 of Email List Building.  How to Profit From Your List!

You can go directly to that post here!

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