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Create Your Own Comic! Awesome Blank Comic Book Interiors.

A great way to start publishing activity books and create comics for kids!

Children, Teens and Adults alike will love being able to make their own cartoons and comics from scratch. Our Blank Comic Book Notebooks have multiple styles, filled with 120 comic book pages and story board templates. This gives plenty of room for creative minds to tell their stories and invent their own super heroes, super-villains and all the adventure in between.

Filled with blank comic book panels and made up of many various styles across 120 pages, this creative kids activity book will keep kids occupied, engaged, entertained and busy for hours.

The size is designed to be perfect for little hands and detailed artists, bigger than normal comic book or a graphic novel at 8.5″ x 11″. This means there is even more room for them to create and immerse themselves in their action packed adventure.

These blank cartoon book comic strips make the perfect gift for kids to use their time productively over the holidays are adored as birthday gifts. If your kids are creative, imaginative and eager to draw, paint and tell stories you will be delighted.

The time will pass so quickly and happily for them as they sit down and draw, imagine, and write. In the same style as the Archie comic books and Spiderman comic books.

Create Your Own Comic Pack includes:

  • 1 x 8.5″ x 11″ PNG Cover design
  • 120 Blank Comic Book Internal PDF Pages
  • 20+ UNIQUE Adobe Illustrator files – all internal page vectors
  • Word balloons such as “Kapow”, “Zap” and “Kaboom”!

What Can You Do With This Pack

With 20 pages of Adobe Illustrator story boards and word ballon vectors you have the ingredients to create almost an unlimited supply of comic creation activity books.  Plus get a ready to print pack of 120 PDF pages – all you need to do is upload them to Amazon KDP.

The files provided allow you to modify and rearrange into sketchbooks, fairytale story boards, graphic novel templates.

They could be used for Super Heroes, Daring knights, Mermaids, or Pirates, or Princesses riding unicorns. Whatever fantasy tale kids love to create you can provide them with the tools to make their stories come to life!

Market your comics as educational.  They develop children’s creative skills, literacy skills and verbal communication as they tell their special tales.  You are allowing parents and kids to have very special time as the children share their very own comics with friends, family and loved ones!

These comics are massively popular and are sought after all year round.  They provide hours of fun and creativity and because it’s done for you, you can price them to be affordable.

License Provided

You get full commercial rights with this pack.

This is a personal use commercial licence which means you can use the files in physical and digital print publications that you sell under your brand.  You cannot sell the pack as is or transfer publication rights to anyone else.  These are your files to be used in your end products.  This minimises the number of people using the files and keeps the exclusivity of the products. Ultimately this means you earn more money and no one is trying to undercut your price.

We only sell 50 of each pack.  Then once 50 are sold we offer new graphics.  This is great for self publishers as you know you are purchasing a limited release, never seen before, premium product.

Create Your Own Comic – Self Publisher Pack

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8.5×11 Inch


US Letter


Adobe Illustrator, PDF, PNG


Commercial Self Publishing, No Resale Rights, Personal Publishing Rights ONLY