Little Critters Literacy – My 1st Dictionary (Low Content Publisher Pack)




The Little Critters Literacy And Alphabet is the perfect set of pages for any low content publisher.  This product comes as 14 pages of a ready to publish early learners dictionary.  But don’t let the hold you back!  You get all files as Adobe Illustrator Vectors and Layers.  This means you can reconfigure these images to make any kind of page you can think of.

The pages can also be used as a literacy bank for kids to write down letters that match the alphabet.  Or it could be a story book where children write about the character witting on the fence.  Or why not teach children how to use descriptive words, simply by advertising your pages as a storyboard character description workbook.

Anyway you look at it, this is a bargain!  Grow your KDP self publishing and low content book business with the Little Critters Literacy Alphabet.

Little Critters Literacy Alphabet
Inside Cover Little Critters Alphabet (Low Content Publisher)

Little Critters Literacy Low Content Publisher Pack

Here’s what you get:

The Literacy and First Dictionary Pack, designed for children to add their own words to the correct alphabet page.

  • 14 Pages: Each page contains two letters. And each letter has a beautiful “farm yard gate” styled letter and it’s own little critter creature!
  • Flexible Design: Get all 14 pages in Adobe Illustrator and in Adobe PDF format,  Adobe Vectors mean you can scan, resize and reconfigure to any proportion!
  • Use As Is: Upload and sell the pages as a stand alone early learner dictionary, or early learner word bank, or character description workbook, or storyboard. Limitless!
  • Match Age and Stage: Create a larger book for older children.  For example, copy each page 10 times.  Then place all the letter A pages together, then all the letter B, etc.  You’ll instantly have a bigger product with more space for older children to write.  Use them as word banks and larger dictionaries for children to strengthen and develop their vocabulary
  • Letter Recognition and Phonics Knowledge: Add blank pages so that children can practice writing about each of the characters and sounding out their names. Younger children can trace the letters with their finger and then write them on the pages added.  Or the blank pages could be somewhere for them to draw and create detailed stories.
  • So Much More:  Use these pages to build alphabet understanding and educational opportunities.
Inside Page Little Critters Literacy And Alphabet (Low Content Publisher)
Inside Page Little Critters Literacy And Alphabet (Low Content Publisher)
Little Critters Literacy Alphabet - Low Content Publisher Pack
Little Critters Internal Page
Inside Page example - Little Critters Literacy And Alphabet (Low Content Publisher)
Inside Page Example – Low Content Publisher Pack














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