Design Subscriber Pulling Web Pages (Plus 1 Free Gift To Seal The Deal)

Learn to design subscriber pulling web pages and implement a time tested technique to convert cold prospects into repeat customers and loyal members.

Design Subscriber Pilling Web Pages Plus 1 Free Gift To Seal The Deal
Design Subscriber Pilling Web Pages Plus 1 Free Gift To Seal The Deal
February 28, 2021
by Jason

Design Subscriber Pulling Web Pages
(Plus 1 Free Gift To Seal The Deal)

Learn to design subscriber pulling web pages by implementing tested techniques to convert cold prospects into purchasing customers and then loyal lifetime subscribers and members.

We know so far that building a mailing list isn’t difficult but it does require time and effort put in on a regular basis. 

We have to make sure our forms are noticeable, that they are attractive, and most importantly we offer real incentive. Our subscribers must be assured of value before they part with their email address!

So today let’s talk about some tried, tested and proven methods for building a mailing list of super supportive subscribers.

How To Design Successful Subscriber Pulling Web Pages!

When building our list we want to quickly and easily get a visitor who arrives at our website to decide to become a subscriber. 

If you are just starting out and building your website from scratch you will be able to apply the following strategies immediately! 

Some of you will already have a website. So as well as creating new pages there is also an immediate quick win you can implement.

Identify your most popular posts and make them even better. By adding the following methods you create subscriber pulling web pages from already popular posts.

When we talk about subscriber pulling web pages we mean optimized pages that have all the elements known to encourage visitors to take action and subscribe to your mailing list

How Do You Optimize Your Pages?

Let’s dive right in, and start with an often contentious and thoroughly misused method. The Pop Up!

1. The Pop Up For Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

The pop-up! I know you all know these. Simply put it’s a window that pops up and displays a form when you arrive at a web site. The purpose is to ask visitors for their name and email address. 

The truth is there is nothing wrong with pop ups. In fact they are still one of the best ways to get people to sign up for an offer. 

Latest stats tell us that pop-ups, when implemented well, have a 60-70% success rate at collecting emails, compared to 20% success for forms that are embedded into the page.

The issue with pop ups is they are usually implemented poorly! You will have seen these, and will have experienced them when you browsed online.

Many pop ups instantly spread across the page and they take up the whole screen. This is crazy, especially when you consider for the majority of websites, this might be the first contact the visitor has had with the site. 

Think of it in content. Imagine you are the person searching. You want to take a vacation and decide to do some research online. You click on a link for an article that looks interesting. You arrive at the website. As you do, the screen goes blank and a message says “Looking For Great Holiday Destination? Enter Your Email!

Be honest what would you do?

  1. 1. give them your email?
  2. 2. close the pop-up and carry on the the article
  3. 3. click back to the SERPs and try another site

Stats tell us over 75% of people would choose number 3! Why? Because for the visitor they have no vested interest. They know nothing about the content and they have no relationship with the site. They just want to find an answer to their question.

And so they hit the back button and leave. And don’t return!

When implementing pop-ups, timing is key! I can’t express this enough. Timing your pop up is crucial if you want to achieve results.

It’s All About Timing!

If your popups appear too soon, they are annoying and disruptive. You interrupt your visitors before they have even started digesting your content.

Most marketers agree that pop ups should not appear within the first 25-30 seconds of a visitor being on your site. If your visitor is still active on your site after 30 seconds it is safe to assume they are enjoying your content and have made a decision to stay. 

When your pop up appears they are more likely to interact with it and consider your offer!

Example of a well designed pop up - good design, attractive, well timed, and a valuable relevant offer - Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

Example Of A Subscriber Pulling Web Page Element – A Pop Up With Great Design. It’s Attractive, Well Timed, And Has A Valuable and Relevant Offer.

We absolutely support the use of pop-ups, when done right! They lead the field when it comes to getting visitors to sign up! Therefore if you decide to add pop ups to your site ensure you choose a plug-in or app that enables you to choose when the pop up will appear.

Our current favourite lead generation tool is developed by the same people as the eternally popular Astra theme. Meaning you know the code is light, the page speed fast and you get a multitude of options to personalise it for your web page!

If you are looking for a great lead generation tool you should check out Convert Pro by Brainstorm Force. And yes! This is an affiliate link but we only recommend products we trust and use. 

Convert Pro offers an incredible range of styles. Pop Ups, Embeds, Slide Ins, Info Bars, After Post and much more. Plus every style gives you the ability to customise 100%. Best of all it is a fraction of the price of the others available!

2. Embedded Opt Ins – Subscriber Pulling Web Pages.

Another technique successful marketers use is the strategic placement of opt in forms.

When done well, they usually appear on every page of a website and lead to a range of subscriptions, such as memberships, a newsletter or an online ezine. 

To be successful Opt In forms must be noticeable, but should not distract from the content. They match the website theme, are a simple, subtle and an indirect way of encouraging people to sign up. 

Opt ins help your business list building and do it in a very safe way! When someone “Opts In” it is a choice they have taken. You have asked your subscriber for their express permission to contact them in the future.

This allows you to have a list of people who you know are interested in your niche. You can market new products, great offers and recommendations. Opt in subscribers result in people returning to your site to check out the products you emailed them about.

An important feature you need to keep in mind when you build a list of opt-in subscribers is thatyou have initiated the relationship by inviting signups. 

You will determine how that relationship develops. So ensure you keep in contact with your opt-in subscribers. Send them a welcome email that reminds them to visit regularly and outlines the way they can contact you or your site. 

Most importantly, keep in touch. Don’t over sell. When you email remember to also provide latest news for your niche, amazing new posts and keep providing great benefits and value.

The benefit, or the value, of your site and business is ultimately why your opt-ins will choose to stay a subscriber or choose to drift off and unsubscribe.

One of the very best ways to ensure you collect your leads the right way is to build your website, your funnels, your pop-ups and opt-ins using industry leading products.

I use OptimizePress. A fantastic resource consisting of page builders, templates, theme builder, funnel builder and payment processors. One leading feature is OptimizeLeads, in the OptimizePress collection of tools and specifically designed to offer amazing pop ups and opt-ins.

If you are interested, you can check out OptimizePress here.

Design Winning Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

Design Winning Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

3. Personalization Builds Subscriber Pulling Web Pages.

We all like to feel wanted and appreciated. So make sure that when prospects opt into your mailing list, you treat them like the valuable and appreciated people they are. And this means all opt ins, whether they purchased something from you or not. 

So sending them a personalized welcome message and ensuring all following communication with them is personal is key!

Personalization is a very simple method that many marketers use. It helps build positive relationships with prospects and customers. And we all know that the key to success in business depends on the relationships you foster and build.

The more positive a prospect feels about you, the more likely they are to buy from you. Buying decisions are all based on trust! People only buy from you if they feel they know what your business stands for and if they trust you.

This then leads to them referring their friends and family to you and your site. 

The best, and easiest, way to do this is by choosing an email service that enables you at personalisation tags to your autoresponder messages. For my business I choose Aweber. 

It is the largest and most trusted email service available. They also offer a brilliant free subscription. So you don’t need to pay anything until your lists are large enough to afford it! Plus you get site builder, 100% customization, and you get personalisation tags as well.

I have added a link below should you wish to sign up for the best (and it’s also Free) email service for integrating personalisation in your subscriber pulling web pages. 

Get started with AWeber Free today and grow your business – it’s on us.  AWeber allows you to get started for free, quickly & easily create amazing looking emails and landing pages.

4. Offer A Free Gift Or Download.

Who doesn’t like a free gift? A sensible and highly popular way to build your mailing list is to offer a free gift. This might be an actual physical product you ship to leads or more often is a report, a checklist or some other download that is of value to your visitors.

You could create a landing page where customers can immediately download a free gift or report in exchange for their email address. This is a great way to pull in more visitors and transform more visitors into buyers. 

And if you do build a landing page don’t forget to have your social share buttons on the page. If people love your download they will share your page. Make it easy for them to do so!

The key to success is making sure whatever it is you offer your customer has real value. This doesn’t equate to money. We are talking valuable to them because it answers a question or solves a problem.

You must ensure that the product you decide to offer is great quality. The natural assumption they make is based on this gift. Your subscribers will assume everything else you offer, or have on your site, is of the same quality. So make sure you invest time and effort in your free gift. And be creative. 

And it doesn’t have to be a download, why not offer a free one hour personal coaching session. 

Offer to review a sale pages they are working on, or help to edit their marketing plan. People are online looking for answers or advice and so this will be viewed as great help and of huge value!

To recap, make sure you give them something they will value and that they need. These visitors will gladly accept your gift and to collect it they opt-in to your subscriber pulling web pages.

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Free gifts are one of the best ways to pull people to your website. When you offer something free, you will also gain social shares, which leads to more traffic going to your web page with little effort. 

And you are proving that what you have to offer is valuable, so your customers are likely to return. And, even if they do not return on their own, you now have their email addresses to send them reminders and market new products. 

Forget Newsletters And Create An Ezine For Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

Forget Newsletters And Create An Ezine For Subscriber Pulling Web Pages

5. Offering Your Ezine 

So what is an ezine? Officially it’s the marketing term for an electronic magazine. In lead generation terms fo our website it is our newsletter!

Why not just call it a newsletter? It is simply the optics. How many times have you seen a sign-up form that had a call to action of “Join Our Newsletter” and how many times did you join?

Visitors to your blog won’t sign up to a newsletter, unless they have a lot of experience with you as a business or they have a real passion for what you offer i.e. pet cats do funny things.

However you can change your newsletter and with a bit of marketing magic take advantage of ezine marketing and advertising. Now even your newsletter is going to be filled with subscriber pulling web pages!

The best thing about publishing an ezine is that you can place your marketing ads right in the page. And when your business is generating traffic you can also charge other businesses a fee to place their ads in your ezine. 

Use your ezine to grab subscriber’s attention. To do this we implement a strategy already talked about. The “free” or “risk free” product offer in your ezine ad. 

Your ezine can be published on your website and marketed by emailing the URL to your audience. Or you can create a Digital file pdf and email the pdf as well as the digital URL link to your subscribers. 

Make sure you have embedded your product links, or affiliate links into the PDF. And make sure you add social share buttons to the electronic file. This helps those who enjoy your ezine to share it. 

Each time you publish your ezine make sure you share with your social accounts, This is how viral traffic begins.

A great way to start developing and publishing an ezine is to set up professional looking templates that match your brand. 

The tools I use all come from Envato (Themeforest, Code Canyon etc). They have a wonderful site called Envato Elements. For a small fee every year you can download as many templates, images, WP themes, WP Plugins, fonts, logos, videos etc. Its amazing. 

If you want to check it out Envato Elements the link is here! I give it 10 out of 10 for value and you know all your digital products and ezines will look highly professional!

Subscriber Pulling Web Pages,subscriber pulling web

So there you have it the best ways to design subscriber pulling web pages! I hope you have learnt something and that you will put this learning into practice! 

As always if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you asap. Alternatively you can contact me directly here.

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