Low Content Books and Print on demand

Never Before Released! Brand New! Hand Crafted July 2021

Gain Instant Access To 30 Brand New Hand Crafted Mandala Vectors.

All Files provided in Adobe Illustrator, White Background Vectors and Transparent Background Vectors.  Everything you need for low content books and self publishing! 

Create journals, planners, coloring books, activity books, meditation journals 

... the list is endless

 And why not double your profits?  Use them for Print On Demand products.  

So simple and ready to place on your products.  Your POD products will be online and making sales in just a few simple steps!


Example Mandalas - All Handcrafted

zen mandala 1
zen mandala 9
zen mandala 8
zen mandala 7
zen mandala 6
zen mandala 5
zen mandala 4
zen mandala 3
zen mandala 2
zen mandala 10

Have A Look At The Detail!

Your Mandala Vectors are perfect for self publishers, low content book authors and all print on demand services.  You get all files in different vector formats with full commercial rights so you can use them to produce an infinite number of products.  

And because they are vectors you can scale them as large as you wish, or as small as you wish, without losing any quality.  So print them on the side of a building or a postage stamp - you are guaranteed to have perfect sharp images every time.

zen mandala
zen mandala large detail
zen mandala large detail
zen mandala large detail 2

Why You Need The
Zen Mandala Pack!

No doubt you are aware that the Zen Niche, and the Mandala Niche, are both red hot sellers and among the most profitable!  

Combine that with the fact they are a perfect fit within the Personal Development, Meditation, Spirituality, Health and New Age niches and you are onto a winning combination.  

And to top that off the Mandala Clothing, Yoga and Zen Homeware niches are skyrocketing!

That's 10 Red Hot, Highly Profitable, Niches You Could Be Targeting Today!

Zen Mandalas Are also massively popular on the big self publisher marketplaces like Amazon, GumRoad, Creative Market and Etsy... Just to name a few ... have a look!

zen mandala
Zen Mandala Example 1
Zen Mandala Example 2
Zen Mandala Example 3
Zen Mandala Example 4
Zen Mandala Example 5
Zen Mandala Example 6

So If It's So Profitable...
Why Isn't Everyone Doing This?

There are a number of reasons that prevent self publishers and Print on Demand suppliers profiting from these unique and highly profitable niches.

The 2 Major Barriers are:

Creating Content For Children’s Activity Books is Difficult And Time Consuming!

We know that Adult coloring, journals, planners and other low content books are hugely popular but creating the content for them is difficult and time consuming.  Time that most people just don't have!.

First you need to come up with your theme.  Then you need to decide what kind of pages you want to include (coloring, calendars, gratitude prompts, quotes).  Then you need to plan the layout of each of the pages, plus you need to design and draw all the items you are going to include on your pages.

In short, content creation often is the first reason why people fail to produce any products or books.

Most People Can't Illustrate The Pages and
Licensing Can Be A Nightmare!

Hiring a Freelance Illustrator to Design and Draw Images For Your Pages is Expensive

Illustrators charge an average of $40-$60 per hour (on sites such as Fiverr)

Based on the time spent creating the "Zen Mandala Packs", each low content book or journal pack can take up to 200 hours to complete. Therefore it could cost you at least $8,000 - $12,000.

Let’s be honest.  There are very few of us willing to risk that amount of money before we even publish our books!

And then you need to make sure you get a full commercial license.  If you don't have the right publishing license you risk your profits and your entire business!

With the Zen Mandala Self Publishers Pack You Don't Need To Worry About Any Of Those Issues!

You Get 30 Ready To Publish Zen Mandala Vectors In different Formats.  Get Adobe Illustrator Files, Transparent Background Vector Files and White Background Vector Files.  All Vectors Come With Our "Self Publisher" Commercial License Meaning You Can Publish Your Vectors In Your Products With Confidence.

With The Zen Mandala Self Publishers Pack You Are Getting:

30 Brand New Handcrafted Mandala Vectors
Delivered as Adobe Illustrator Files
Delivered as Transparent Background Vectors
Delivered As White Background Vectors
With Full Commercial Rights License
Zen Mandala T-Shirts
Zen Mandala Product
Zen Mandala Product
zen mandalas

Limited Time Bonus Pack

Purchase Zen Mandalas during the launch period and you'll also receive the following files with full self publisher commercial license.

10 Additional Zen Mandala Vectors
As Adobe Illustrator Files
As White Background Vector Files
As Transparent Background Vector Files

Take Action. Get Your Copy Today!

That's 40 Vectors for $37

Zen Mandala Product
Zen Mandala Product
Zen Mandala Product 5

Your Questions Answered.

What Licensing Do I Get?

[YES] Use Zen Mandala Pack for personal use  

[YES] Use Zen Mandala Pack for commercial use to create final end products to sell in various marketplaces in the form of physical and digital copies  

[YES] Use Zen Mandala Pack in any products, including print on demand and books that you sell commercially.  

[YES] You may modify the vectors and use them in your commercial projects.  If guidance is required contact us and we are happy to explain.

[YES] You can add to the vectors to any physical product you sell yourself and be creative to make them your own, as long as they are only used in your own products.  

What Licensing Do I Not Get? What Can't I Do With these Products?

[NO] You may NOT offer the vectors or any part of them as PLR/Resell Rights products.

[NO] You cannot give the vectors away for free.  You may not give the source files and original documents to anyone. They must be used by you only. (we do check - this is also for your protection so you profit!)

[NO] You may NOT use this content in any free or paid membership site as membership content.  

[NO] You may NOT use this product as a bonus or affiliate bonus offer.  It may only be used as content for your own products sold under your own brand.

How Can I Use The Vectors In My Business?

The Zen Mandala Pack was designed for use in self published or Print on Demand products and to help you easily profit from publishing independent products or books.

You can use the designs for many other products such as such as children’s coloring books, clothing, yoga mats, journals, cushions, artwork, print on demand stationery or calendars.

You can use these pages to create as many kinds of books/products as you wish.  This allows you to sell them and keep 100% of the profits. 

Where Can I Sell My Products?

There are many places to sell your products such as Amazon Marketplace, KDP Self Publishing, Etsy, Gumroad, etc.  You can sell on any online marketplace.  Google Search Print On Demand - there are multitudes.

What formats are the vectors provided

All pages are provided in Adobe Illustrator format.  This is because it is the preferred vector format for most self publishers.  

As Adobe files you can size them at any dimension and not lose quality. The vectors are also provided in transparent and white background vectors.

All 3 file sizes can easily be sized as your wish.

Is There A Refund Available?

Please ensure you want to use the Vectors in your business as we DO NOT offer a refund.  

This is because the files are provided as instant downloads so there is no way to ensure they are not used once they have been downloaded.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our vectors and the professional quality of the documents you will receive.

We know that these vectors can be used to publish excellent, highly profitable products.  We therefore remind you again, only purchase if you intend using these vectors as intended.

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